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5 tips for writing quality articles

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5 tips for writing quality articles

A study by the Content Marketing Institute amongst marketing professionals in North America shows that the top factor (85%) of the increase in their content marketing success was attributed to their content-creation being of higher quality and more efficient! At Geomares, we have been creating quality content on a daily basis for the past 25 years, starting from a print only publication to the multiple ‘online first’ media brands we are offering today.

From our experience please find 5 tips for writing quality articles.

The length of your article

Long-reads are often much appreciated and give the opportunity for in-depth content – but badly written, lengthy articles are likely not to be read all the way through. 1,500 words is a good guideline to provide enough in-depth information but not lose focus. It is also a good idea to use sub-headers throughout the copy to describe the following paragraphs instead of writing one long text. This way the article will look more organised and the reader will stay interested.

Writing articles