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Digital Advertising

Display advertising has been around for years and is one of the best-known forms of advertising. Geomares goes a step further with Premium Display advertising, in which we work together with you to find the right combination that suits your goals. Our unique global reach among industry professionals is what really makes the difference.


Social Media Marketing

Your own social media channels are a fantastic way of promoting yourself, making and maintaining contact with customers or prospects and increasing your brand awareness. But have you also thought about using the social media channels of other companies too? A social media channel like GIM International’s is an easy way to reach a larger target group in order to attract – and retain – new fans and followers.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Custom Marketing and Research

With our dedicated and knowledgeable team of marketing advisors and content professionals, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions in the field of marketing and research. We provide market data and insights that are unique in the field of geomatics, hydrography, industrial technology and adjacent areas.

Custom Marketing and Research

Introducing a completely universal GNSS receiver

marXact is a young dutch startup, founded to develop and produce universal and cost efficient GNSS receivers with high accuracy. To introduce their brand new UNI line, their new UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS receiver was shown at InfraTech 2019 and a video promotion campaign was launched on GIM International around this event. We have promoted their brand new product video via our website, newsletter and social media.

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GIM International

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Advanced Targeted Marketing
Introducing a completely universal GNSS receiver

3 tips for making optimal use of Products4Engineers

Did you know that thousands of technical professionals search for products on Products4Engineers every month? From simple handheld tools to advanced automation software, and from transport solutions to hydraulic drives, P4E is the place where technical professionals go to find all the product-related information they need.

But with 1,500 technical suppliers listed on P4E, how can you ensure that those thousands of technical professionals find you? Product suppliers frequently contact us to find out more about the online platform and how they can use it for maximum benefit. This blog answers the three most commonly asked questions:

Which information should I include about my products??
I have a large and varied product range, how do I show this on P4E?
Which possiblities does P4E offer for me as a supplier?

Database Marketing
Product Marketing
3 tips for making optimal use of Products4Engineers