Geomares adds Land+Water to its portfolio

Geomares Media in Lemmer adds trade magazine Land+Water to its portfolio. For more than 65 years, Land+Water has been the specialist medium on developments in civil and environmental engineering for designers, executives, project managers, consultants and directors. According to Durk Haarsma, publisher at Geomares, Land+Water fits perfectly into the media company's portfolio: “Land+Water fits seamlessly into the markets we already serve, especially a platform like Construction Products, but also Products4Engineers and the international platforms GIM International, Hydro International and Geo-matching all have common ground with Land+Water.” With Land+Water, Geomares specializes even more as a publishing house for (inter)national construction, engineering and geo-, civil and environmental engineering. The professional medium Land+Water consists of a news site, various newsletters and a printed magazine that arrives on subscribers' mats eight times a year. 


Geomares adds Land+Water to its portfolio

Geomares breidt uit met groot productplatform Bouwproducten

Bouwproducten, een van de grootste databases met productinformatie voor specialisten in de bouw ( is per 1 december 2020 onderdeel van Geomares in Lemmer. Geomares neemt het grote productplatform voor de bouw in Nederland over van Eisma Bouwmedia in Leeuwarden. Het mediabedrijf in Lemmer heeft al meerdere online productplatformen voor de technieksector in haar portfolio, waaronder ook past goed bij het mediabedrijf dat 15 medewerkers telt. Durk Haarsma, directeur van Geomares, is blij met deze stap, ook in een onzekere coronatijd: ‘ past helemaal bij ons en onze groeistrategie. Zowel internationaal als nationaal zijn we in verschillende technische markten actief met onze websites. Informatie verzamelen door professionals gebeurt voornamelijk online. Bedrijven, verschuiven hun marketingbudgetten, ook in technische sectoren, daarom in rap tempo van beurzen en tijdschriften naar productplatformen en websites zoals wij die aanbieden.’

Bouwproducten biedt het grootste aanbod bouwtechnische producten in Nederland. Specialisten en vakmensen uit de bouw kunnen in meer dan 4.000 producten grasduinen, vergelijken, research doen, brochures of video’s downloaden en daarna informatie opvragen bij meer dan 3.000 fabrikanten en leveranciers. Bouwproducten levert daarmee een service aan leveranciers in Nederland en daarbuiten om hun producten zo goed mogelijk onder de aandacht te brengen van deze kopers.

Geomares breidt uit met groot productplatform Bouwproducten

B2B Purchase Process: Be Visible From the Start

Today’s purchasers spend around two-thirds of any B2B buying journey gathering, processing and de-conflicting information. Much of this learning happens without the direct involvement of sales reps.

Just like in business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, the decisions on new vendors in a business-to-business (B2B) setting are made by people. And they search online. The big difference with B2C, however, lies in the number of people involved in the decision. In B2B, different stakeholders with different disciplines (and interests) often work together in a decision making unit (DMU).

Since there are people involved, the behavior that these DMUs display in the orientation process does not differ much from consumer behavior, regardless of the number of participants. Such behavior includes an increasingly strong desire to do online research themselves in recent years. That desire has increased even more in today's “socially distanced” society.

Building on years of leadership in the industry, Geomares provides its worldwide audiences with overarching insight into state-of-the-art developments in geomatics and adjoining verticals. Create brand awareness and leverage your credibility and authority by being visible at our industry-respected platforms.


Be present at the start

Several studies have been conducted into the changing B2B purchasing behavior. The consensus is that more than 90% of B2B purchases have an online origin!

Before identifying solutions  to any given issue by a DMU, an independent research is being completed by the involved professionals for the purposes of  familiarizing themselves with the subject. The researching professional, however, is not looking for a specific solution, supplier or purchase. In fact, the issue itself may not even be fully identified yet!

B2B purchasing behavior

Problem Identification
Solution Exploration
Requirements Building
Supplier Selection




Consensus Creation


This preliminary phase of independent research provides you with a great opportunity to draw the attention of potential clients and shape their future needs. With our sponsored content solutions, we offer a varied range of possibilities to share your carefully created content with the largest global audience in the field of surveying, mapping, hydrography, AEC, geomatics and adjacent areas. This allows you to make the first acquaintance with the potential client, and, with that, the first chance to present yourself as an authority within the market.

Taking the first steps

When someone interacts with your content for the first time, you shouldn't expect to have a lead in your pocket. But the first step in the customer journey has been taken. The right question is “What is the next step that a potential lead would like to take?” In other words, “What information do they need?”

Always keep in the added value in mind:
What problems and challenges can your services and products solve?

As mentioned, there are opportunities for B2B companies to be visible in this first phase of the client’s orientation process. But how do you ensure that your online presence differs from the competitor’s?

Being actively present on the platforms attended by the potential and existing customers is the key. Inbound streams via the right distribution channels to your own website are indispensable. With the largest global database of decision-makers in the geomatics community, Geomares serves as that essential distribution channel. It forms the perfect link in the interaction between professional buyers and businesses that will make you visible from the start.

Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Funnel
Customer Journey
B2B Purchase Process: Be Visible From the Start

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the technology that enables us to serve ads to your potential customers as they move across the internet. When a user visits our platforms, a small snippet of code adds that user to a remarketing list. When users visit a website outside our channels we can still serve your ads.

Why choose for remarketing ads instead of display ads on our own platforms?

For starters, remarketing campaigns and display campaigns on our platforms can really enhance each other. Using display ads (image based ads such as leaderboard and rectangles) on our websites is ideal for creating brand awareness by leveraging our valued and industry-respected platforms. Brand awareness can affect every stage of the purchase funnel. Strong, positive awareness acts like a magnet that puts customers on a fast track to purchase.

Using remarketing ads is great if you have a campaign with a clear call to action (C2A) such as signups for webinars, demos or trials. Via remarketing we can serve your ad to our visitors more often. That’s why remarketing ads are mostly paid per click (PPC) and display ads on our own platforms are based on impressions per month.

What is a dynamic remarketing ad?

A dynamic or responsive remarketing ad is an ad that automatically adjusts its size, appearance, format and message to fit available ad spaces outside our platforms.

Dynamic remarketing ads can fit in just about any ad space and can contain the following elements:

short headline
long headline
marketing images

Short headline

The short headline is the first line of your ad, and appears in tight ad spaces where the long headline doesn't fit. Short headlines may appear with or without your description.
Write at least two up to five, short headlines. It is important that they contain up to 30 characters. A space is also counted as a character.


Long headline

The long headline is the first line of the ad, and appears instead of your short headline in larger ads. Long headlines may appear with or without your description. When rendered in an ad, the long headline's length will depend on the site it appears on. If shortened, the long headline will end with ellipses ⟨...⟩.
We require one long headline made of up to 90 characters. Here a space is also counted as a character.



The description text is in addition to the headline and invites people to take action. It can also be up to 90 characters, and may appear after the (short or long) headline. Note that the length of the rendered description will depend on the site it appears on. If shortened, the description will end with ellipses ⟨...⟩. Use the maximum of five descriptions to gain the best result.


Marketing images

Having multiple marketing images is recommended, because it makes it easier for the algorithm to optimize your ads (what image works best with what text). Up to 15 marketing images can be used.

Landscape. The landscape image should have a ratio of 1.91:1 and be greater than 600x314 px (1200x628 px recommended). The file size limit is 5MB.

Square. The image square (1:1) image should be at least 300x300 px (1200x1200 px recommended). The file size limit is 5MB.

Try to avoid text in the images



For best rendering two logo images should be provided:
Square (1:1) with a recommended size of 1200x1200px (minimum size is 128x128 px)
Landscape (4:1) logo, which should be at least 512x128 or greater. The recommended size for the landscape logo is 1200 x 300.
Keep in mind that a transparent background is best for all logos, but only if the logo is centered. The file size limit is also 5MB.

The automatically adjusting size and formats means that the ability to serve ads in all formats opens territory that previously couldn’t be target. In other words, the dynamic remarketing ads have a greater reach and more opportunities for conversions compared to standard display remarketing ads (300x250 px) which is important when you serve ads to small niche markets.

Conversion Optimization
Database Marketing
Advanced Targeted Marketing
Lead Generation
Display Advertising
Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Why print ads can make a difference in your marketing mix

In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly digital world, the confidence in printed advertisements seems to be declining at a rapid pace. The downward trend in global spending on print advertising says it all; between 2000 and 2014, the annual spend fell massively from US$67 billion to US$19.9 billion. We’re seeing a reflection of this trend at Geomares too, with print’s revenue share dropping from 88% in 2013 to 60% in 2017. Does this mean that the end of print advertising is near? Or does it actually offer opportunities to set yourself apart by advertising in print?

Marketing Strategy
Display Advertising
Why print ads can make a difference in your marketing mix